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Salts Massage


What Our Guests Are Saying


"Just got my first HRT pellets. I was so nervous due to my needle phobia. Taylor actually came back with me and held my hand. I only felt a tiny pinch with the numbing shot and the next thing I know Taylor was putting on the bandage. I felt absolutely nothing. Jordan is so gentle and sweet.If you're considering getting the pellets, DO IT! Thank you Taylor and Jordan."

Jill Price


"OBSESSED with my lips. Literally the best money I have ever spent on myself."

Andrea Heater


My face went from 'momma is tired' to 'refreshed!' Not only is Jordan knowledgeable, she is realistic and asks what your likes and dislikes are... I 1000% recommend her.



" Lauren did a great job, she is so personable. I'll be back again!"

Robin White

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